Friday, July 22, 2011

Illustration Friday: Perennial

Hello, all.
I have been stepping out of my color-blind box a bit and trying to paint.  I have enjoyed myself, keeping  the paintings small and manageable, producing a painting a day.  This is the last one I completed.  I figured that since it was of fruit, and since fruit trees are perennial plants, that I was safe.

I may be reaching here, but you be the judge. 
Have a great week.


  1. I agree...because I did fruit, too! This is very nice, and I didn't get a chance to comment on your figure drawings last week: beautiful!

  2. Hello, everyone.
    Thanks, Indi... Good to hear from you.
    I really appreciate it, Sarah. Loved the blueberries, among other things (your illustration of shadow, for example)