Friday, July 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Gesture

Two Minutes
Two Minutes
Ten Minutes
Twenty Minutes

Thirty Minutes

Hello, all.
Lots going on, but I am still at it, trying to produce as much as possible.  When I saw that "Gesture" was the topic, I was soooooo excited. 
Gesture drawing is one of my favorite activities.  I attend several drawing groups in my area, and I live for the ones that have short-pose sessions.  In fact, I have even participated in groups that will draw only two-minute poses for two hours straight! 
The images above are all at different times, as short as 2 minutes, and up to 30 minute studies.  I have tried to adopt this type of speed to the initial stages of my finished images, as I feel that it adds life and vitality to the work.
I hope you enjoy.
Peace Out!  Have a great week!


  1. God, these are beautiful. I agree, quick gesture drawing is so much fun. Everytime I see someone post beautiful sketches like these, I miss attending all of the sessions I used to have time for :-/

  2. They are great, i love your style! Short poses are great fun, but I Find them sort of nervecracking!

  3. I agree with Anne. I have the hardest time with accuracy and proportion with short poses. beautiful work!

  4. Hello, all.
    Thanks for the kind words and compliments. R.J and Anne, I have a suggestion: try . They have a section labeled 30 Second Poses. I began doing it daily for about 15 minutes back in 2009. I hardly miss a day, and it has helped my speed and accuracy so much.
    Thanks again.

  5. wow, I'm glad I checked back to see this. I'm heading there right now.