Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illustration Friday: Layers


Hello, all.
As I near completion of my yearlong project of producing work and a new website, I have had few chances to participate in anything else, which accounts for my lack of posts.  However, I'm still lurking in the shadows and, every once in awhile, I have something to contribute.
Believe it or not, this image stems from my first attempt at Illustration Friday.  I finished a small version of the image, but never got to post it. 
Instead, I felt that it would be appropriate for the "Layers" topic, as this is at the very core of my process.
First, I start with a pencil drawing over a layer of gesso.  Next, I add a layer of clear matte spray paint.  Then, there is a layer of thinned oil paint (umber, ultramarine blue, and aluzirian crimson).  Finally, there are several layers of colored pencil. 
As I have stated before, I am color-blind, and this gives me the confidence to deal with color.  I learned this technique from Mr. Alex Bostic, a professor who taught at Virginia Commonwealth University.
I hope you enjoy it.  Have a great week.


  1. Love this image. So many great things happening here. Excellent!

  2. Hello, everyone.
    Thanks for the kind words and compliments. Means a lot coming from talented people.
    Steve Cozart

  3. Thanks for showing your amazing process images! I love your style. You have amazing talent and a wonderful mind! :)

  4. Awesome...really like the pop of the red phase...what I don't the wait time between posts of your work...

  5. What a fascinating process, and your work is exquisite!

  6. Hello, all.
    @Indi: Thanks, you are too kind.
    @Brine: I agree... I have had a lot of challenges lately, and I haven't been able to post. Trying to get back on that horse, though. I will try not to disappoint.
    @Sarah: Thank you. I truly owe it to Alex Bostic. He is a great mentor.

  7. Wow, this is fabulous! What a treat to discover your work. Amazing.