Saturday, February 27, 2010

Illustration Friday: Perspective

Hello, all.
Suprisingly, I dont have any pics related to linear perspective... I don't know why, because I love drawing it, and I love teaching it in classes, especially two and three point perspective.
So, what I have are dramatic points of view from a couple of studies that I did for (you guessed it) John Henry.  The first is an attempt at a dramatic rendition, while in the second image, I investigate the possibility of leaving out the face and focusing on the powerful hands of the legendary figure.  Thanks to Marshall Lakes for shooting good references for the first, and my Dad for posing for the second.  I figure that from the average man's perspective, John Henry seemed larger than life.

Have a great week!


  1. Both are amazing! I love them both, superb work!

  2. Gorgeous sketches. I could look at them for a long time and keep finding more things to appreciate.

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth. Had a chance to see your work on your blog... good stuff.

  4. I don't at all trust my abilities to do linear perspective right, though I would love to be able to have figures in realistic-seeing spaces. These are marvelous drawings--the perspective really enhances their drama.