Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Process

Hello, all.
I have had several people ask about my process, and how, if I am color-blind, do I make color images. I thought it would be interesting to post that.

So, here is the first step. Keep in mind, that this starts with thumbnail sketches, (1"x2", as many as 10, sometimes more), then larger sketches (3"x5" or larger, 3 to 5). This one contains a study of the expression for John Henry.

After that, I take reference photos of friends or students and, in this case, myself.

Next, I use tracing paper to work out issues with each part of the image, the figures and the background (learned that from James Ransome and David Gaadt). I then make a composite sketch, full size.
Then, the final image is transferred to a gessoed illustration board that has been sanded w/220 grit sandpaper. I draw it in with a 2H pencil , then switch to a 2B graphite stick or woodless pencil to shade.
I realize that this all sounds complicated, but its not. This is the hardest part. Once this is finished, the easy part comes next.
Stay tuned, sports fans.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quick Portrait Practice

Hello, all.

I decided to post this as I am finding my way into a new medium: conte'. I have enjoyed using it and it has become my first choice for drawing the figure. Right now, sanguine seems to work best for me.

This was a portrait study of my niece, Jazelle, who has been modeling recently for several local groups. We were at the studio of Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon, some of the nicest and most talented artists I have ever met. In fact, I was surprised to receive my latest issue of Drawing Magazine to find that Susan's image was prominently displayed on the cover, and a full length article about her work was inside. She is truly amazing, and so is Scott.

I don't think that I did my niece justice, though... I was rushing through it because I had to leave the session early, but I did like what I got.

Next, I will be giving a demonstration of how I use color to create an illustration.

Have a great week!