Saturday, April 11, 2009

I.F./Fleeting Moments in the Sketchbook

Hello, all.

For this topic, I decided to include a couple of my sketchbook pages. I love to sit at the Tate St. Coffee Shop and the Greenbean Coffee Shop here in Greensboro and sketch people as they come in and out.

Sketching can be difficult when your subject is constantly moving and could get up and leave at any time, so the fleeting moments that you catch disappear right before your eyes.
I have taken a liking to sketching with a .005 Micron pen. I'm no James Jean (his sketchbooks are amazing!), but I have to admit that I enjoy drawing with a pen. It forces you to be sure about what you lay down on the paper.

My buddy, Tom Reis, is the one that inspired me to begin using a pen, although I did sketch a lot with ballpoint before. His ability to capture scenes and details are amazing.

I hope that everyone has a happy holiday.

Have a great week!

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  1. Wonderful sketches. I hadn't thought about them as "fleeting" at all, though I suppose they are. I've noticed with my students, when I sketch them, even when they are doing something supposedly absolutely still, like reading, they are constantly moving.