Saturday, February 21, 2009

Illustration Friday/ Mother's Instinct

Hello, all.

This was an image I created for my portfolio for a story about getting ready for church on Sunday. It has some proportional issues, but I (and my wife and daughter) still like it a lot. It even won Third Place in an exhibition at the Center for Visual Artists here in Greensboro.

When my daughter was born, my wife was concerned about doing her hair and doing it well. It seemed like an overwhelming task, but of course, Mother's Instinct took over, and she's been doing it every week now for nine years.

Thanks to my wife and daughter for putting up with me and posing for countless images.

Have a great week.



  1. God has blessed you with a great talent. Continue to use it for His glory. He'll bless you for it when He comes back. (Maybe even before) :)
    Sonny Dougherty

  2. Sonny,
    Touching words. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate them.

  3. Great piece- the proportions and point of view give the females character!

  4. Great perspective and the colors are superb!

  5. That is a wonderful story and beautiful illustration. I too struggle with my daughters hair. NO matter what I do by the end of church their hair looks like I didn't even brush it. I'm still trying though.

  6. Big fan...really like how you introduce and blend colors instead of just using large areas of a single hue. Great texture on the hair...

  7. Brine,
    Right back at you. I appreciate your kind words.
    Stephanie... you are too kind.
    Indigene, thanks.
    Katie, hang in there... my wife says it gets easier.
    Thanks, Turtlebird.
    All... I appreciate your comments.

  8. Aww this is such a lovely piece! I felt the same way when my daughter was born. She's only 1 but doing her hair has become one of the task I worry least about now LOL. Absolutely luv this piece! I think you did an amazing job with the hair texture!